Theresa Walunas, PhD

Associate Director of CHIP, Director of Chicago Health IT Regional Extension Center (CHITREC), and Assistant Professor of Medicine, General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics Division, Feinberg School of Medicine

Theresa’s background is in immunology and computer science with an interest in bridging the gap between the bedside and the bench. She has interests in translational immunology and precision medicine with the goal of using health record data to improve health for people with autoimmune disease. Given the importance of having high-quality information and improving health care for people with immunological conditions, she has also focused on developing teams and projects that help providers more effectively use electronic health record systems and support data-driven care and quality improvement.

Key Projects: IMMUNE, IRAE-ID, Lupus R21INSPIRE, H3GLPTN, QPP-SURS, Help Desk. Twitter: @TheresaWalunas

View Theresa’s NU Faculty Profile for publications, news, and more.

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