HealthLNK Data Repository (HDR)

The HealthLNK Data Repository (HDR) is a flagship initiative bringing de-identified patient clinical data together to enable research studies to achieve better outcomes. The HealthLNK team works with researchers from contributing institutions to postulate research queries and process them securely. The data collection is done under an approved IRB from 2006 – 2016 (inclusive), with annual refreshes, and resides in an enterprise data warehouse behind an institutional firewall.

Participating institutions:

HDR is an assembly of electronic health records from seven health care institutions. They include:

Five large Academic Medical Centers:

One large county health care system:

A network of community health centers with multiple care outlets:

HDR’s potential applications:

1. It can act as a shared data resource to provide insight to policy makers, researchers, and public health officials on the health of the Chicago community and identify opportunities to improve care.

2. It can leverage existing EHR data and weave together data from multiple institutions and publicly available data sources to measure disease burden and care delivered.

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