Provider Compliance to the 2017 Hypertension Treatment Guideline and Patients’ Trajectory of Blood Pressure

The 2017 hypertension treatment guideline changed the definition of uncontrolled blood pressure (BP) to ≥130/80 mm Hg (from ≥140/90) and BP threshold for the initiation of antihypertensive medication for patients at higher risk of cardiovascular events. This challenges physicians to change their traditional hypertension management and could worsen the already low rate of compliance (range 25-65%) to hypertension treatment guidelines. In this study, we will evaluate the level and determinants of compliance to the 2017 hypertension treatment guideline and the association between guideline compliance and patient blood pressure pattern. This study evaluates multiple aspects of hypertension care, such as lifestyle, medications, co-morbid conditions, follow-up and laboratory assessments, and patients’ race.

Principal Investigator:
Yacob Tedla, PhD

Co-Investigators/ Mentors:
Abel Kho, MD
Philip Greenland, MD
Mercedes Carnethon, PhD

Funding for this grant is provided by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Grant Number: 1K01HL145345-01A1.

2020 - 2024

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