Webinar: Health Coaching Models in Team-Based Care: Recipes for Success

12:30-1:30pm (CT)
May 23, 2021
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Team-Based Care Models come in all sizes. Effective models often begin by rearranging and detailing the work of existing staff. Responsibilities evolve in care coordination, care management and population health management. Before long, the reality of “patient-centered” involves new and different work, which encourages practices to explore the use of new team members. Health coaching may be added as a formal role, or existing team members may be trained in health coaching skills. When tied to quality and value-based payments, health coaches become both sustainable and revenue-producing. This webinar, moderated by William Appelgate, PhD, and Kathy Kunath, RN, of the Iowa Chronic Care Consortium, will spotlight two leading healthcare organizations which are successfully using health coaches within their team-based care model. Siouxland Community Health Center is a large Federally Qualified Health Center in Iowa, serving a diverse population of patients, including those with and without insurance. The Iowa Clinic is a physician owned multi-specialty clinic with a robust cadre of primary care physicians. These organizations will share their experiences and results of integrating health coaching into team-based care.

About the moderators

As Executive Director of ICCC, Dr. Bill Appelgate has provided leadership and guidance in the areas of chronic disease management, clinical health coaching, health risk assessments, health policy, prevention, health promotion and healthy aging. Under his leadership ICCC has led the Iowa Medicaid Enterprise in deploying statewide chronic disease programs in heart failure and diabetes to its members. He was also actively involved in the development of chronic health care cost reduction strategies within recently enacted health care reform legislation.

Kathy Kunath, RN, has a personal mission of building healthier communities by serving as a catalyst for growth in individuals and organizations. Kathy is a registered nurse, and focused her early professional years on the care of critically ill patients. As she witnessed the stress of patients and families who “if only they had known” would have lead healthier lives, she became interested in finding ways to paddle “upstream” in improving health. Her journey lead her to manage a cardiac rehabilitation program for 13 years, develop creative community health outreach programs, lead a community health coalition to change tobacco policy, and coordinate local television shows that highlight innovative treatment options and lifestyle management programs for chronic diseases. She chaired a community-based committee of the American Heart Association that published resource guides on healthy eating, local exercise facilities and stress management resources. In 1999, Kathy was chosen to participate in the Cardiovascular Health Leadership Fellowship, a national program through the Health Forum, a subsidiary of the American Hospital Association.

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