Documents to Begin Participation


The following are documents you should review and complete in order to begin the process of HealthLNK participation. Once completed, please attach the documents in an email addressed to Zahra at

HealthLNK Data Repository: Project Request Form 


This form will ask for your research project description and details regarding who will be collaborating with you (PI, Coordinator, Data Analyst,Steward). It also asks about what type of data you are requesting, IRB status, resources available, and why you intend to participate.

Please attach any relevant supplementary documents (e.g. proposal or protocol, site information, IRB approval letter).




HealthLNK Data Repository: Manuscript Concept Sheet


This document asks you to describe a brief outline of the manuscript you are interested in writing.  Details requested include a description of the outline, significance, variables required for data analyses, and statistical analyses of the project.


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CHIP collaborators are part of the public, private and nonprofit sectors and have an interest in working toward a world where health outcomes are improved because data is used effectively.

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