“All of Us” Officially Open for Enrollment

The All of Us (formerly Precision Medicine Initiative, PMI) research program is officially open for enrollment! All of Us is a national project funded by the National Institutes of Health to help tackle some of healthcare’s most challenging questions by creating the largest health data resource ever.

The goal is to be able to utilize complete health information of one million patients (!!!) to help speed up health research breakthroughs, better tailor the right care for the right patients and improve outcomes.

Northwestern received a subcontract from Vanderbilt to take on a technical role in the project, providing leadership and guidance as an arm of the data coordinating center. Additionally, under project leadership from the Preventive Medicine department, Northwestern participates in patient recruitment as part of the Illinois Precision Medicine Consortium of healthcare provider organizations (HPOs), which includes the University of Chicago, Rush, University of Illinois, NorthShore, and Alliance.

If you’re interested in learning more or enrolling to become part of the largest health database EVER you can find more information on All of Us here.

Read about CHiP’s involvement with All of Us.

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