PCORI Award Supports CAPriCORN Community Engagement

We are pleased to announce that a Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Award for Conference Support has been awarded to the CAPriCORN Patient Community Advisory Committee (PCAC) and the Health & Medicine Policy Research Group. The grant will enable PCAC and Health & Medicine to plan and implement the “Elevating the Patient Voice in Research” project, which is designed to increase patient participation in research and to guide future health research priorities.

Joseph Harrington, Co-Lead of the PCAC, says, ‘We are excited to have the opportunity to help more patients share their experiences and shape the future of research.”

During the one-year award period, the team will partner with local organizations to gather input from a wide range of community members. The opinions collected from the sessions ultimately will lead to the convening of a one-day conference, creating a forum to share community findings, identify research priorities, and make a plan to further distribute information to a wider healthcare audience.

Margie Schaps, Executive Director of Health & Medicine, says, “This initiative provides us the opportunity to continue promoting health equity by working with patients to identify research priorities that may influence the future of health care and health outcomes.”


The “Elevating the Patient Voice in Research” project was funded through a Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Award (EAIN-00062).

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