CHIP represented at the Center for Data Science and Informatics

Today CHIP Faculty Yuan Luo, PhD, Assistant Professor at Feinberg School of Medicine (Preventative Medicine), presented at the Center for Data Science and Informatics’ Biomedical Informatics Data Science Seminar Series (BIDS) next week. Yuan presented, “Evaluating the Portability of an NLP System for Processing Echocardiograms: A Retrospective, Multi-site Observational Study.”

While natural language processing (NLP) of unstructured clinical narratives holds the potential for patient care and clinical research, portability of NLP approaches across multiple sites remains a major challenge. This study investigated the portability of an NLP system developed initially at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to extract 27 key cardiac concepts from free-text or semi-structured echocardiograms from three academic medical centers: Weill Cornell Medicine, Mayo Clinic, and Northwestern Medicine.

While the NLP system showed high precision and recall measurements for four target concepts across all sites, the researchers found moderate or poor results for the remaining concepts and the NLP system performance varied between individual sites.

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