CHIP Equity Committee Launches Charter to Guide Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Initiatives

The Center for Health Information Partnerships launched its Equity Committee in July 2020 to examine and improve equity in the center, with a particular focus on racial equity. We believe in fostering the development and maintenance of an inclusive, diverse, and equitable workplace that informs our relationships and policies within and beyond the CHIP environment.

The Equity Committee Charter outlines the structure, priority focus areas, and responsibilities of participants.

Priority Focus Areas include:

  1. Communication about Equity in the Workplace
  2. Hiring & Onboarding
  3. Research & Project Recruitment
  4. Partnerships: Community Engagement
  5. Professional Development
  6. Partnerships: Sponsors, Primes, Subs, Consultants, Vendors

Read the full CHIP Equity Committee Charter here.

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