Annals of Family Medicine publishes special report on EvidenceNOW’s early findings

The Annals of Family Medicine (AFM) has published a special supplement report entitled “The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s EvidenceNOW: Early Findings.” The report, focused on early findings of the EvidenceNOW research initiative, includes original articles by seven regional cooperatives.

Launched in 2015, EvidenceNOW is the largest primary care research project in its history. It is a $112 million effort to disseminate and implement patient-centered outcomes research findings to find and use the best evidence for care. With a focus on cardiovascular care, the seven participating cooperatives have supported over 1,500 small to medium size primary care practices across 12 different states.

CHiP’s Dr. Abel Kho and Dr. Theresa Walunas co-authored one of the supplement articles, “Engaging Primary Care Practices in Studies of Improvement: Did You Budget Enough for Practice Recruitment?, which focuses on findings from Healthy Hearts in the Heartland, a CHiP project and regional cooperative participating in EvidenceNOW.  Dr, Walunas also co-authored a second article, “Practice Facilitators’ and Leaders’ Perspectives on a Facilitated Quality Improvement Program,”  which also focused on Healthy Hearts in the Heartland.

The AFM supplement highlights issues crucial to primary care transformation. Overall, topics covered include the quality of heart health care in small practices; physician burnout in a changing healthcare environment; practice facilitation and recruitment; community engagement; and balancing quality improvement implementation and research. Commenting on the findings in his recent blog post, Bob McNellis, AHRQ’s Senior Advisor for Primary Care writes, “The good news is that the EvidenceNOW cooperatives are helping practices build capacity to function more effectively and efficiently in a dynamic health care environment, develop resources to practice evidence-based medicine even when the evidence is evolving, and harness health IT for the benefit of patients and clinicians.”

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